CJ ClarkCJ Clark is an exhibiting artist-illustrator and fiction writer. She was raised in Europe and has traveled throughout the United States and Canada. She attended the University of South Carolina, Baker University, Kansas and graduated from Minnesota State College in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Currently she is working on a third novel for young adults and a collection of selected poetry. Her art is on permanent display at Stinger Studio Gallery in Georgetown, Kafe Eclectic in Austin.

Her first book The Permanence of Waves (2006) was inspired by a deep love of the natural world and a desire to convey the importance of protecting it. The story is a multilayered fable accompanied by her illustrations. It is set in Otter Tail County, Minnesota where she spent her childhood summers.

CJ Clark’s second novel, When Color Fades (2011) was inspired by her years of working with Alzheimer’s patients in a clinical setting. It was her wish to write a sensitive portrayal of the impact an Alzheimer’s victim’s journey has on so many lives. It is a dramatic story of hope, truth and the difficult pursuit of closure.

The foreign translation and publishing rights for When Color Fades have recently been sold to Poland’s publisher Proszynski Media Sp z.o.o. The book is being translated into the Polish language and is scheduled to be released in Poland late fall of 2013.