Inviting the Moon to Supper

Available now in paperback and ebook.

Inviting the Moon to Supper

Between the blurred boundaries of real and imagined worlds, a newly orphaned girl loses her beloved dog as she strikes out into an icy wilderness to search for her nomadic grandfather. But when Sam’s search extends too far into the mythical forbidden hills, she is forced to cross alone through a time-frozen haunt of Norse castaways, threatening her at every turn.

To find her dog and grandfather, Sam must learn how to brave the ruthless terrain of this violently beautiful land beneath a forever watchful moon. Unless she accepts help from a misanthropic mask maker, a ragged band of woodland travelers and from Crazy Dog Man-the town outcast, she too may vanish.

Map of Sam Ambrose's journey
Map of Sam Ambrose’s journey


An Engrossing Story

The combination of fantasy journey and psychological inspection is well done and offers a solid, engrossing story that juxtaposes dreams and reality.
—Midwest Book Review

Beautiful Prose

CJ Clark’s prose is beautiful—the novel is written with precision, told in a youthful and powerful voice...
—Pencraft Book Review

What The World Needs Now!

How incredible to read a book which indulges, captivates and fascinates readers between the ages of nine and ninety! ...Sam's fierce loyalty, humbleness and determination to keep fighting for her goal all paint the reader directly into the story to savor all the unimaginable paths leading to the ending. In our broken world, this novel fills us with relevant and profound life lessons...
—Pam Trogolo

Page Turner

CJ Clark elevates her craft to a whole new level. A host of characters come to life in a magical journey drawn with impeccable detail. From the horrific Renerongs and the devious Mask-Maker to gentle Violet, the search for Sam’s best friend unfolds in a poignant blending of fantasy, culture, and above all friendship...
—Cindy Doyle

A Lesson About the Power of Loyalty and Determination

Inviting the Moon to Supper effortlessly draws the reader into this dual reality of an imaginative yet believable journey and back again with just the right measure of magic. A young girl's brave choice to never stop looking for her beloved dog despite insurmountable hardships drives the story, making it a lesson about the power of loyalty and determination.
—Carolyn Snowden

“Inviting the Moon to Supper” is a Soaring Joy to Read!

This is a roller coaster ride set in beautiful Nature, with love and ultimate respect for all animals and wildlife, exploring the Mysteries of time travel and the Wisdom that follows, even befriending the ancient lonesome Moon. I have re-read the book twice now. It’s the sort of reading Journey that you are sad to end...
—Julie Wall, music teacher

An Intriguing Page-Turner

If you think magic cannot exist in your soul read, Inviting the Moon to Supper. You may end up understanding that some parts of you and your existence equal magic. CJ Clark is a master story weaver, a poetic visionary , a seer...
—Caroline Baldwin, artist

My Cat Loves This Story

Inviting the Moon to Supper instantly captivates with magic as delicate as falling snow and characters who evolve into unintended heroes too compelling to forget. A timeless story that wraps itself around your soul and doesn’t let go.
—Debra Salts, sculptor

A Most Inviting Journey

C.J. Clark’s protagonist, a thirteen-year-old Ojibwa girl, sets off to find her dog, along the way meeting a remarkable cast of characters, some drawn from Native American and Norse myth. Whether friendly or antagonistic, they teach her to trust in herself. Encountering a stream that does not freeze, a place where time stands still, and other wonders, we are taken along with her to flights of imagination and wonder. Invoking a quote from Descartes: “If you would be a real seeker after the truth it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” C.J. Clark invites the reader to do the same. Fast paced, brimming with warmth and filled with twists and turns, this is a book you won’t want to put down.
—Michael Minassian, poet, author

A Fascinating, Unique Read

C.J. Clark gradually moves us from the far north in 1957 into a legendary, magical world through an Ojibwa Indian girl’s search for her dog DeeOgee. Excitement grips us through every twist and turn until months later, Sam wakes up battered and bruised on the front porch of a friend’s house in Green Earth. What was real? What were the dreams caused by her injuries? To find DeeOgee, she had to return to the other side of Crooked Hills.
—Ann Bell, author

A Book to Savour

This book is gripping from the first line, with characters completely captivating from the first introduction. A wonderful story of a young girl on a quest for her beloved companion dog, told in a beautiful lyrical style. The unfolding of this tale is magical and evolves to a moving and dramatic finale. This is a memorable book, and one to savour.
—Christina Martin, poet, YA author

A Fascinating Read on Multiple Levels

C.J. Clark gives her readers another page turning story in her latest work Inviting the Moon to Supper. Clark's always exceptional imagery is at its best as her characters interact in a magical, mysterious and scary place where evil and compassion collide. North mythological allusions are a bonus that enhance the weaving of this tale. A fascinating read on multiple levels and a distinct departure from her usual genre.
—Vincent Contorno, Senior English teacher retired, AP/International Baccalaureate Program

Absorbing and Magical

Inviting the Moon to Supper is like stepping into a world so imaginative that here can be no turning back. Absorbing, and magical with unforgettable characters. I lived within the pages of this entrancing tale and will gladly return again.
June 11, 2020

Available now in paperback and ebook.