A beautiful little 140-page story

Olive and Lottie head for a lake cottage to visit Olive’s grandfather. Olive is determined to carry out her mother’s last wishes to care for her aging grandfather. She is disturbed by her grandfather’s seeming unwillingness to accept her support. Then Olive discovers a secret journal he has left for his great granddaughter Lottie. Within the pages of this personal journal Olive learns to face her own rigidity and let go of what was never really hers. In “The Permanence Of Waves”, author and exhibiting artist C.J. Clark has written imaginative and deftly presented fable with an underlying message about life. Enhanced with eleven of the author’s beautiful drawings especially created for “The Permanence Of Waves”, this is a beautiful little 140-page story that is particularly recommended reading for anyone who appreciates original storytelling at its very best.