Aspects of the novel

When reading a novel, I often use Ian Forster’s aspects of the novel as a critical back drop. C.J. Clark has done a masterful job in her latest novel by succesfully integrating strong characterization, an intriguing plot, and rythm and pattern.

It is very hard to get through this novel without developing strong connections to characters like Pearl, Clancy and, of course, Annabelle and Lilly. All of the characters come alive for the reader. The plot intrigues the reader almost immediately and builds to a most succesful ending. It is a page turner. This complements the rythm and pattern of the novel as well. The novel builds to a strong ending which is particularly effective within a series of highs and lows which seem to be a reflection of the characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease.

The novel is sensitive, perceptive, and most of all, a really good story. Read it. You will be glad you did.