Blown Away by C.J. Clark’s When Color Fades

I have gone on such a Journey with this book. It is so beautifully written, and quite a mystery-noir novel too. It transports the reader all over Austin and the Texas Hill County, and then to completely opposite lands up in Minnesota Lakes and forest country. CJ Clark is a wonderfully descriptive writer, and her empathy for Alzheimer’s patients and family members is just MIND-BLOWING. So many times I have read books on Alzheimer’s and they are sad and boring and just depressing. This one grips you right away, gives so much insight into the disease, but at the same time it’s a wild and intense mystery novel from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down, stayed up all night reading it. CJ’s descriptions of the disease in the main character’s mother, and leading the reader through all the comical yet hauntingly heartbreaking escapades her mother goes through, so exactly reminded me of our family’s experience with my Dad. And with her descriptions of the nurse and aides working in the Alzheimer’s section of a Nursing Home, her storytelling feels so very honest and right-on and funny and poignant. Truly the best, most interesting, gripping book I have read in a LONG time, and at the same time it’s so understanding and empathetic to families effected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. I LOVE THIS NOVEL SOOOO MUCH. I can’t recommend it enough!