Incredible depth, perceptions, descriptions and a good mystery as well

The life of this book quickly saturates the reader with the lives of people you feel you know. It’s an immersion into a feeling of “this could be me.” From the start it’s obvious there are secrets, but it’s never obvious they will be revealed. Nothing is predictable. The author somehow causes you to identify with more than one character, which tugs and pulls at all you thought you knew. This is the kind of book that you actually live alongside the characters. Events in the book become your events. The characters pain becomes your pain.

There’s a humble beauty to the author’s obvious grasp of Alzheimer’s Disease and the effect it has on so many people. It reaches backward and forward. Will you know the signs? Is it fair if you didn’t?

I am so smitten with this book, all the characters, the layers of emotions and the unexpected journey. When you finish the book, I know you’ll find yourself looking for the Annabelles and Dr. Finleys of the world. You’ll see these characters in your daily life…..but perhaps for the first time. You’ll wish someone like dear Pearl will find you someday to steer you in the right direction.

Such incredible depth, perceptions, descriptions and professional insight. The tapestry of life it created for me is a wake up call.