Struggle, Secrets, and Finally, Hope

As a mother’s life unravels, a daughter struggles to piece together the elusive events of that life, which have so scarred her own. “When Color Fades” transports the reader into Lilly’s quest to understand not only what is wrong with her mother, Annabelle, but what Annabelle is hiding and why.

C. J. Clark illustrates what happens as Alzheimer’s disease progresses, and how this affects the afflicted person and those around them, from family to total strangers. Her handling of the subject is nonjudgemental and dignified.

As Lilly investigates the past in a small town and the pain of family secrets, a new ally emerges in the form of Pearl, who becomes a friend to Annabelle and helps bridge the painful gap between mother and daughter.

“When Color Fades” shows human beings at their worst and their best, contrasting how we sometimes treat those closest to us versus complete strangers. For those who desire a sense of hope, you won’t be disappointed. Recommended reading. You won’t want to put it down.