Trisha loved this book

I did not expect for this book to be one of those you didn’t want to put down, but it surely was! I was afraid it would end before I was ready for it to but CJ managed to bring it all together with some expected endings and some very big surprises. The alzheimers part […]

Struggle, Secrets, and Finally, Hope

As a mother’s life unravels, a daughter struggles to piece together the elusive events of that life, which have so scarred her own. “When Color Fades” transports the reader into Lilly’s quest to understand not only what is wrong with her mother, Annabelle, but what Annabelle is hiding and why. C. J. Clark illustrates what […]

Aspects of the novel

When reading a novel, I often use Ian Forster’s aspects of the novel as a critical back drop. C.J. Clark has done a masterful job in her latest novel by succesfully integrating strong characterization, an intriguing plot, and rythm and pattern. It is very hard to get through this novel without developing strong connections to characters […]

Heart warming, page turner

The characters are so well intertwined through this heartwarming, page turning adventure that you just cant relate to one of them alone. It reveals the true depth of Alzheimers and it’s effects on everyone it touches. From the nurses and caregivers, to the family and friends. I related best to Clancy, a character in the […]

Incredible depth, perceptions, descriptions and a good mystery as well

The life of this book quickly saturates the reader with the lives of people you feel you know. It’s an immersion into a feeling of “this could be me.” From the start it’s obvious there are secrets, but it’s never obvious they will be revealed. Nothing is predictable. The author somehow causes you to identify […]

A must read

This book paints a picture of the tragedy and triumphs of a family’s struggle to mend a broken relationship. The story will thrust you into different emotions, so be prepare for the ride. I guarantee you will be a little more kinder, more understanding, and exercise a little more patience, with the elderly. This is […]

Very Emotional

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who has a loved one with Alzheimer’s. I wept, cried, and even laughed at times though out the book. A must read.

A Fascinating Read

Captures interpersonal dysfunction as it changes with the progression of dementia.